Eb-5 Program

Why you should invest in EB5 Program with Helix Homes America


  • 100% Investor-owned assets

Unlike other EB5 Projects, with Helix EB5, investors own 100% of the property they have invested in. Ownership is legally approved by The United States Government.


  • 100% Success-rate Record

With a sucessful track record of 100% accepted rate and 700% overhead of jobs creation, spanned across all of Helix EB5 Regional Centers, Helix is proud to be one of the most trusted organisation when it comes to EB5 Investing.


  • 100% non-reliant Capital Management

Due to Helix EB5 unique and top-of-the-line model, as investors own 100% of assets invested, the capital management process is transparent and convenient for any exit strategy investors want to impose.

We have mission to facilitate investors to get their permanent resident and green card that the government of U.S. had allocated. Through EB-5 program from Mt. Helix, investors not only will acquire long-term profits but also to feel convenient getting through the process.