Helix Homes America is a US based property development company in America that provides the opportunity for people globally to buy and invest into American properties. Helix Homes was established in 2009, headquartered in San Diego, and has been present in Indonesia and Vietnam since 2017. Helix Homes is also a property consultant, property management company which provides an asset protection and property renovation services.
The location of the property currently offered are available in several States, namely:
  • Illinois (Chicago)
  • Michigan (Detroit)
  • Indianapolis
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
The cities offered by Helix Homes America are the cities that offer some of the highest property growth in America, which recorded property growth of 10% per year, even Detroit reached 21% growth in 2016.
Furthermore, Helix Homes America has conducted extensive survey, research and have considerable experience with investing within the chosen cities. The most basic thing about the research is the question of the strength of the local economy, where the property is located. These cities have high rental demand, low crime rates and lower property taxes, strong capital appreciation so it can generate for you a larger profit and income when the property is leased.
Helix Homes America offers landed house properties which is "free hold" with proprietary ownership status, the properties have already been built and is located in established neighborhoods, which are occupied or ready to occupy and are in a rented condition with tenants The property offered has a certificate of ownership that can be acquired, a lease agreement, and a sale and purchase agreement. The owner is free to transfer ownership or re-sell back to property to anyone, not bound by Helix Homes America. Every home has a Home Warranty Program with Choice Home Warranty.
The prices offered vary based on location, house types and land area with prices starting at USD$65,000 (Rp950juta).
Yes, through Helix Homes America, and their Financial Institution partners in the USA, the properties available have been pre-selected and approved to allow for borrowing. We will assist with the documentation and information you require, so the loan process is very easy and stress free.
You can borrow to purchase your American home from as low as having an initial deposit of USD$35,000 (500 million Rupiah). Your property will then be cashflow positive and can provide you with a net rental income.
Yes, the general location is in the area close to the central business district CBD. The average commuting time is 15 to 20 minutes to CBD areas in these cities, so it’s very easy to market and rent because the location is not far from the city center. America has an Intersate Highways system that makes traveling easier from one city to another.
- Helix Homes America is currently the only company in Indonesia that sells property in America, which also provides property management services ranging from before, during and after purchase.
- Helix Homes America provides everything from rented homes, property management and consulting services, property renovation, property financing, asset protection, tax minimization, and migration services in America.
- Buyers do not need to go to America to see their property, because Helix Homes America provides a complete service solution, including a detailed report on the houses available for sale and buyers can go on line to see the property they want to buy. Our local based team in USA, Indonesia and Vietnam can also help with a step by step process to owning your American Home.
With continued property prices in America showing positive growth and rising price up-trend, Helix Homes America not only offers property investment, but we conduct market research and take care to making viable opportunities which ensure investors will maximize their return when investing their capital.
For example, we offer properties in the region with strong rental demand and where supply of rental properties is low, this strategy is carried out to get a high profit margin when the property is leased. We continue to extensively research property vacancies in the region, with the objective to assure that the rental property market is well measured and that the cost of renovating a property ready for rent is maximised.
Helix Homes America also conduct background checks of the prospective tenants to ensure that they will be suitable and responsible to look after the property during their rental period. Therefore, with property investing in America through Helix Homes, you will get a solid investment and achieve higher rental benefits that can reach 9.25% per year.
There are 2 ways of legal property ownership in USA, either through your own Private Company (LLC – Limited Liabilty Company) or personally in your personal name.
However for tax minimization purposes and estate planning, it is advisable as the best option to own the property through your own Private Company LLC (which Helix Homes America sets up for you, as part of the purchasing process). This will allow you to pay lower taxes and defer any death tax/duties which you may be liable for.
We provide rental assurance to guarantee our client's investment in the long term. The Insurance policies and their duration can also be updated as desired by investors.
The benefits of property investment provided by Helix Homes America can reach up to 9.25% per year or higher. This number is the actual rental return and is guaranteed by a third-party insurance company (external and independent from Helix Homes America), which ensures there is NO conflict of interest or benefit to Helix Homes America by over-inflating the price of the property on offer.
The process and transfer of ownership rights is dependant on the policies of each state, but usually the complete in approximately 2-4 weeks.
Helix Homes America provides property management that includes
- Rental Assurance
- Tax Minimization
- Legal Protection
  1. EB-5 Program: To get a Green Card (Permanent Residency in the USA)
  2. Joint Venture Investment: By co-Investing with Helix Homes America in wholesale purchases of properties, re-modelling the homes, and then on-selling ready for investment homes.
THE USA is one of four countries that is the target destinations of Asian property investment (Indonesia, Vietnam and China investors). Some of the reasons for property investment abroad is seen as a motive due to lower property prices, and a sense of pride to owning a property overseas. Property prices in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia in recent years have increased significantly, making Asian investors, namely Indonesian, Chinese and Vietnamese citizens begining to look at property investments in America.
Indonesia is an important market in Asia, besides the existing regulations in Indonesia currently benefiting its citizens to begin seeking global investments. The new tax policy and regulation allows the Indonesian people to declare their foreign assets, and to then spread their investments into international real estate.
Interestingly, most rental income from foreign owned properties will eventually return to the home country which increases the national savings and capital inflows to grow domestic consumption and spending.