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Landed House

With many years of experience in renovating houses and good relationship with the best contractors in the state, we have developed and owned thousands of well-designed houses for dwelling. We provide a wide selection of properties by residential areas that are very close to downtown and convenient amenities, where tenants find a lovely space for settlement


Smart Investment

Prior to residential development, we had our experts in the industry conduct different research and analysis on many areas that were potential for high return yield. Additional reliable sources considering many factors have been referred for objectivity in our decision-making process. Our effort and eagerness to provide customers with the best quality houses is the urge that leads to unrivaled yield over each individual investment.


Property Management

Acknowledged that the investors could not always keep an eye on their properties, we have allocated personnel to manage those properties under the assignment of the owners. We have responsibility to find tenants, report major issues relate to their properties, and represent owners to execute their request. Our target is to provide a stable and continuous yield to our customers.


Asset Protection

Minimize risk, maximize profits

We help clients secure the assets from opening bank account, minimize income tax, and putting assets on different law firms. Mt. Helix provides everything to protect the assets

  • Rental Assurance
  • Tax Minimization
  • Legal Protection